I'm an animal lover, font collector, art appreciator and self-proclaimed Hufflepuff meets Ravenclaw.

A graduate of Fullstack Academy's Grace Hopper Program, I came into the development field from a non-technical background. Upon completion of my Bachelor's degree in Art History and Classical Civilization from University of Richmond, I spent years working in historic tourism and later experienced the rollercoaster that is working customer service in the financial sector. I began to crave something more, and thought back to my teenage years spent teaching myself HTML and CSS in the name of fandom and Photoshop. A decision was made and I haven't looked back since.

When not in front of a computer screen, I can occasionally be found playing fetch with my cat, volunteering at the local SPCA, reading on a beach or pretending I'm in an adventure RPG. Formative favorites include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mass Effect and Critical Role. I am currently a Solutions Developer at Kuvio Creative where I get to be part of a truly international team making change.